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BSC-T/BSC-C: Tubing and casing thread protectors

Tubing and casing molded with thread pipe end protectors (Ø 2 3/8" ÷ 13 3/8") are fully HDPE constructed.

The plastic protectors for tubing and casing born from the long time experience of our company, offer to our customers a valid opportunity to protect their threads limiting the costs of packaging dimensional. The special mixture of polyethylene, with whose we produce the protectors of the line BSC-T and BSC-C, has been tested to guarantee elasticity and resistance according to API 5 CT Spec. crash impact the material employed to contact with solvents or dopes to preserve the actual structural and dimensional features.

The protectors of two lines, having produced exclusively in PE, allow a pratical recycle of the raw material employed for their production.

Range of products: Ø 2 3/8" ÷ 13 3/8" API connections and specific customer threads at the request.