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PRO-C: CASING Thread Protectors

CASING thread protectors (Ø 4½" ÷ 24½") are composed of high preformed strength steel with HDPE, in order to combine high performances of steel and high protection of HDPE

Composite protectors, manufactured by Universal Tubi Protectors S.R.L., offer absolute and integral protection of threaded ends, and give guarantee resistance against: corrosion, solvent, impact, vibration and strip, as established by major users of OCTG pipes and according to API / ISO 11960 Spec.

The high quality of HDPE give thermal stability from -46 °C to +66°C; it is chemically inert and cannot cause corrosion, galling and cannot damage the threaded ends.

Dimensional range: Ø 4½" ÷ 24½" Types of threads: all API range and all premium connection requested by customers.

Universal Tubi thread protectors are available:

  • Open end driftable = OED
  • Closed end liftable = CEL
  • Closed end non liftable = CENL