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PRO-L: Line pipe bevelled end's protectors

Line pipe bevelled end's protectors (Ø 6" ÷ 24") are fully HDPE manufactured; the special design offer maximum high protection of bevelled ends

The Line Pipe HDPE protectors manufactured by Universal Tubi s.r.l., in addition to the guarantee of total threaded ends protection against corrosion and stresses may occur during handling and stocking, offer the following peculiarity:

  • easy to fit are equipped with a valid anchor system to avoid any take out from the end of pipes
  • are suitable for wall thickness up to 40 mm
  • total recover of material if protector may be damaged (environment respect)
  • the HDPE used is thermal stable from -46°C to + +66°C; it is chemically inert and cannot cause corrosion and cannot damage the bevelled ends

Dimensional range: Ø 6" ÷ 24"

Universal Tubi protectors are available closed liftable & vented.